BNY Mellon’s James Taylor Takes New Role With Unizen Exchange

James Taylor, one of the leaders of BNY Mellon, has resigned from his position at the global bank to take on a new position in crypto. All of Talyor’s business acumen accumulated over years on the job will be incorporated into his role with Humiliate, where he will assume the newly created position of Director of Business Development.

Unizen’s smart trading ecosystem combines the best elements of CEX and DEX to provide deeper liquidity and tighter spreads for traders, be they retail or institutional. At a time when institutional investors, in particular, are keen on decentralized finance, but often lack the means to gain exposure, Unizen appears well-positioned to meet the challenge.

From banking to the banked to the incorporation of hard-to-bank

James Taylor’s resume reads like a who’s who of global investment banking, with stints at BNY Mellon, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, and Salomon Brothers during a prestigious career spanning more than two decades. In his most recent role, at BNY Mellon, Taylor served as Global Head of Electronic Currency Sales. This was preceded by eight years at JP Morgan Chase, including a position as Head of Foreign Exchange Market Structure and Fixed Income Commodities (FICC).

In short, Unizen’s new business leadership appears to be a big deal, and his appointment isn’t just a blow to the exchange platform – it’s a validation of DeFi in general. While it’s no longer uncommon to see TradFi titans DeFi in a late career change, Taylor’s transition is more surprising than most. On paper, it would appear that the business savvy had no shortage of options on the table when reflecting on his next step in his career. So what exactly attracted you to Unizen?

According to Taylor, it was the quality of Unizen’s equipment that wooed him ahead of their still impressive technology: “Without a doubt, the team is top-notch in terms of talent, but what impresses me the most is the moral philosophy that I see applied by everyone.”

He adds: “I am very excited about our ambition to be the universal and unified gateway through which traditional financial market participants access new markets for digital assets.” That’s a resounding endorsement of his new employer, which one would expect, but it’s also an endorsement of where cryptocurrencies and DeFi are heading next.

Smart Exchange gets smarter

Unizen is billed as “smart exchange“In the sense that it adds tools and services that were traditionally isolated. For years, the crypto exchange landscape has been forked, with certain products and assets only available on CEX (limit orders, cross-chain exchanges, futures) and some are only available on DEX (trustless trading, fee exchange, trading of performance). Emerging platforms like Unizen bring many of these capabilities together under one roof, allowing the next generation of merchants to access tools that their predecessors only had limited access to.

With James Taylor leading its business development efforts, Unizen’s smart exchange ecosystem has gotten a bit smarter.

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