Deposit and Win – Exclusive DOT Campaign

We are pleased to announce the launch of the exclusive DOT campaign on the app. Users who deposit DOT between now and June 24 have a chance to win a share of the $ 20,000 prize pool, where the rank 1 winner will receive $ 1,000 of DOT. App – The Fastest Growing Crypto App In The World

  • Join more than 10 million users who buy and sell more than 100 cryptocurrencies at a real cost
  • Spend with the Visa Card and get up to 8% cash back
  • Grow your portfolio by earning up to 14% interest on your crypto assets

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Campaign 1: DOT Warehouse Competition

Rewards: $ 10,000 DOT – 200 winners

Start date: Thursday June 10 07:00 UTC

Final date: Thursday, June 24 00:00 UTC

How do I participate?

  • Full KYC verification for your app account (Guide)
  • Deposit DOT to your app account from external wallets / exchanges (Guide)
  • 200 users with the highest Net deposit range during the campaign period you will receive the following rewards

Net Deposit Range: Deposit (DOT) – Withdrawals (DOT)

Net deposit range

Prize per winner (equivalent to DOT in USD)


$ 1,000


$ 300


$ 200

4th – 10th

$ 100

11 ° – 50 °

$ 70

51 ° – 100 °

$ 50

101 ° – 200 °

$ 25

Campaign 2: Crypto Earn – Receive up to 18% interest!

Rewards: USD 10,000 DOT – First Come First Served

Start date: Thursday June 10 07:00 UTC

Final date: Thursday, June 24 00:00 UTC

How do I participate?

  • All eligible users can enjoy additional Crypto Earn interests for DOT from up to 18% APR.
  • Users can unlock the interest rate increase by depositing DOT in Crypto Earn for a term of 3 months during the campaign period (Guide).
  • The DOT bonus interest will be distributed in a first come first serve base.
  • You can increase your chances of enjoying the bonus interest by making your 3-month DOT deposit in Crypto Earn as soon as you can.
  • The DOT bonus interest will be credited to your DOT Wallet within 14 days of the Campaign End Date.

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  • reserves the right to cancel or modify the campaign rules at our sole discretion.
  • DOT prizes will be credited to the winners’ app DOT wallet within 14 days of the campaign end date.
  • DOT Bonus Interest Rewards are calculated based on a 14-day equivalent of 18%
  • The USD / DOT exchange rate used to administer the campaign will be determined at the time of prize distribution in the sole discretion of
  • All personal data collected is strictly used for verification purposes only.
  • By accepting the prize, the winners agree to the Privacy Notice, which is posted at
  • The application is provided to you by an exempt payment service provider currently operating under the Payment Services (Exemption for a Specified Period) Regulation 2019.

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