‘Fortnite’ teases ‘Rick and Morty’ crossover, new helmet element and more

The third and final season 7 Fortnite teaser dropped this morning.

The teaser features another alien weapon, a futuristic-looking helmet, and the butter robot from Rick and Morty. The sole purpose of the robot is to pass butter. This is the second dairy-themed teaser for Season 7 after a carton of milk in teaser # 1.

So we have aliens, clearly, a milky pattern, a safe Rick and Morty crossover of some kind and possibly a Superman skin. There’s also Loki’s teaser on June’s only loading screen.

As with the first two trailers, Epic Games has included different text on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Twitter:Transport robot test results: -Transportation of various weapons – Failed -Transport of documents and schematics – Failed -Transport of bone modification fluid – Satisfactory No further testing required.

This looks like a reference to the robot passing the butter. Milk and butter seem to have something to do with bone density in the upcoming season.

Facebook: Ordinance Delivery B2-6821 Latest testing shows the weapon to be highly effective against organic material. Against mobile metal structures and transport units, the weapon becomes less effective. Weapon approved for field use.

The weapon, then, that seems to do more damage to other players or bots than to structures and vehicles.

Instagram: Flower protector test results. – Ability to withstand high impact collisions – Fair – Ability to withstand gunfire – Above average – Ability to increase style – Exceptional No further testing required.

This makes me think that the helmet is more than just a leather or fur style. It’s armor, clearly, as it helps protect against collisions and gunfire. Will there be wearable helmets in season 7? It seems possible. Probably even. Helmets could definitely change the nature of Fortnite. It also may not be limited to helmets. What if other wearables appear in the game that provide different benefits?

We’ll know more tomorrow when Season 7 begins. Today is the last day of Season 6, so expect some downtime overnight and tune in to Forbes games tomorrow for coverage of the new Battle Pass, updated map, the challenge guides and much more.

And finally, here is when season 7 begins and what to expect. Good luck young Padawans!

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