How to be the C-suite of your own business

When you tell your friends that you are a real estate agent, what you really mean is that you are an entrepreneur who is the CEO of your own business.

At your brokerage, you have a support system in place, but you are also playing quite a few hats. He is also a marketer, technology officer, and operations specialist.

Understanding the importance of each of these “C-Suite” roles in building your business is critical to positioning yourself for long-term success. And as an entrepreneur, that desire to succeed is really what defines you.

Here are four tips to keep in mind as the CEO of your company:

  1. Define your value proposition. You should be able to define and articulate the promise you make and, most importantly, deliver it to your customers. Why should they choose you? What benefit do you bring? What problem do you solve? Your value proposition should be an integral component of your marketing efforts.
  2. Put yourself in your market. When putting on your marketing hat, remember that message consistency is key. It is important to find ways to position your expertise and demonstrate your knowledge of the market. Look what the competition is doing; and show what you offer that they don’t. From social media to SEO, be sure to effectively leverage the right channels to reach your target audience.
  3. Have the systems in place to create customers for life. An important part of our business in real estate is based on referrals. That means turning leads into highly satisfied customers not only drives your bottom line this year, but also creates a revenue stream for the future. Its scope includes everything from having a website to capture a customer’s interest to leveraging customer relationship management systems to stay connected with your customers well beyond the transaction.
  4. Make sure you have the right plans for your future and don’t be afraid to review them. Charting a course for your business shapes your activities and keeps you accountable. As an operations specialist, you need to monitor progress toward goals, respond to new opportunities, and review things that aren’t working. Having a solid understanding of your finances, what you are spending versus what you are earning, can help you focus efforts that will support long-term growth.

As a real estate agent and entrepreneur, you seamlessly transition from role to role based on need or focus. You not only identify what needs to be done, but you are the one doing it. As a successful “C-Suite” agent, you have developed the skills to do what you do best.

What comes next? In keeping with the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit that defines real estate, what often awaits the successful agent is expanding the business by adding team members. In some cases, successful teams can advance their path by forming a brokerage.

Whatever your personal and professional goals, taking a C-Suite approach is an invaluable framework in shaping your business and your continued success. CEO to CEO, I wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors!

Whatever step you may take in your real estate career, ERA Real Estate You have the tools, technology, and platforms to support your success.

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