‘In the Heights’ disappoints with $ 5 million on Friday

We deceive ourselves to convince everyone that In the heights was the next my motherbut it really may end up being next Rent.

Well, this is the first real heartthrob of the summer. Jon M. Chu is acclaimed and animated In the heights topped the box office last night with a frankly mediocre $ 5 million on Friday. That includes previews on Thursday and points to a weekend release of over / under $ 15 million. Warner Bros. has been downplaying expectations, in part because they didn’t want to be so defensive for an online debut with Rent ($ 17.1 million over a Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving release in 2005) while the media (mea culpa, at least before Covid) argued for a $ 25- $ 35 million release on par with Crazy Rich Asians. Warner sold the hell out of this one, and I don’t expect people to blame “the marketing,” which is the lazy excuse every time a movie we think people should have seen in empty auditoriums.

Barring incredible legs (which is still possible), the $ 55 million In the heights could be another example of audiences acting in opposition to online media narratives. We say we want Widows but the public shows up for Poison, Halloween Y The Grinch. Cinema defended by Twitter Birds of prey, but the public showed up to jester. Film Twitter reported Peter Farrelly Green Book and Bryan Singer’s Bohemian RhapsodyWhile both films by both “troubled” directors won multiple Oscars and grossed $ 322 million (the highest-grossing Best Picture winner in a decade) and $ 905 million (the highest-grossing direct drama in history) respectively. Meanwhile, during that 2019 Oscars season, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston The positive made $ 108 million domestically off a $ 20 million debut. By contrast, the far-right trolls did not stop Captain Marvel to exceed $ 1,128 billion, a lesson that came too late for Disney Star Wars trilogy.

Diversity can be a great value-added element in a movie that audiences already want to see, or at least it is not a deterrent when it comes to a flashy romantic comedy (Crazy Rich Asians), an animated horror movie (Salt), a road trip comedy from an escapist fantasy ensemble (Girls trip) or an MCU superhero movie (Black Panther). But it’s not a huge driver if audiences aren’t interested in the movie in question yet. Film Twitter was convinced that In the heights was The awakening of the force, but the general public saw it as Terminator: Dark Fate. In the heights sold itself as a celebration of Hispanic American culture, but had little else to sell (no stars, no high concept, no intellectual property, etc.) to those who did not see a feeling as noble as automatically “worthy of see in theaters. ”

I haven’t mentioned the HBO Max factor yet. Godzilla vs. Kong It opened for $ 50 million during a Wednesday-Easter Monday debut despite being on HBO Max. The incantation: the devil made me do it opened for $ 24 million last weekend (on par with Annabelle comes home Y Curse of La Llorona) despite being on HBO Max. Even fucking Tom jerry opened with $ 14.1 million despite being on HBO Max. While the availability of same-day streaming did influence the opening day / opening weekend numbers, that In the heights It made $ 5 million yesterday seems to imply that the movie was not gearing up for a $ 10- $ 15 million opening day, even in non-Covid / non-HBO Max times. Could the movie have been released higher if it had been opened last summer in a non-Covid timeline? Almost certainly yes, but clearly we play ourselves in terms of “how big.”

There were hints. That it did not rank in the top ten in Fandango’s “most anticipated summer” poll. Warner Bros. knew that the online excitement for the flashy musical melodrama was not being matched by the general public, hence the flood of free public screenings over the past month. We in the bubble of film nerds knew about the project and were rooting for its success, but for the general public, it was a musical based on a show they had never heard of, starring actors who in their Most had never heard of it, and with a full-blown marketing campaign paralyzed by the fact that the show isn’t remotely plot-driven. The heavy emphasis (in both press coverage and critical consensus) on demographic representation and cultural significance threatened to make the film feel like a must. More importantly, online interest did not translate into general audience interest.

This was not a well-loved TV star (Constance Wu) starring in a conventional romantic comedy about a successful career woman who discovers a big secret (that her boyfriend is incredibly rich) and deals with a life-changing conflict (explicit disapproval of her potential mother-in-law). This was not a quartet of somewhat well-known black women (led by Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith) going on escapist vacations. This was not a trio of comedic actors (led by Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell) living an identifiable fantasy of suburban mothers who put their own needs before their children. Even with the Lin-Manuel Miranda factor, In the heights may not be the best Crazy Rich Asians, Girls Trip or Bad moms. That may end up being another case, like Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world Y Dredd, where online anticipation overrepresents the general interest of the audience.

Still, it’s not like there are a ton of flashy, culturally-specific musical melodramas of today hitting multiplexes this summer. Without anything “huge” (with all due respect to The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife) which opens between now and June 25, Warner Bros. may try to sell the notion of a 14-day “debut” between In the heights Y F9. With rave reviews, an A from Cinemascore, and a medium clearly supporting its success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the starting legs on par with The cat with boots (which “disappointed” with a debut of $ 34 million in 2011 and then made $ 33 million on the second weekend). But if the movie gets closer to Rent what Best showmanWell, sometimes we online media guys convince ourselves that a movie is bigger than it is. Sometimes the public don’t care about the damn snakes on a shitty plane.

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