Jeffrey Toobin returns to air on CNN

Jeffrey Toobin, who attended a 2018 literary event, was fired from his job at the New Yorker last year.


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Jeffrey Toobin, the former New Yorker writer who was fired from the magazine after he was seen masturbating while on a video call with colleagues, returned to CNN as a legal analyst after a seven-month hiatus from the network.

Toobin appeared on the air on the 24-hour cable news channel Thursday afternoon, with host Alisyn Camerota, during which she admitted that her actions last year were “deeply stupid and indefensible,” but that she was a “be imperfect human who makes mistakes. ” . “

“I didn’t think I was on the call. I didn’t think other people could see me, ”he said.

The New Yorker announced that it was parting ways with Toobin last November after conducting an investigation into what happened on a call from the Zoom team in October. He had been editor of the magazine for 27 years.

He asked for time off from his role as a legal analyst at CNN and had not appeared on the air since.

“I spent the next seven months, miserable months in my life, trying to be a better person,” she told Ms. Camerota. “I’m in therapy, trying to do some public service, working at a food bank that I’m certainly going to keep doing, working on a new book on the Oklahoma City bombing, but I’m trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again. “

A CNN spokesperson declined to comment.

A former federal prosecutor, Mr. Toobin joined the New Yorker in 1993 as a legal affairs reporter and made his mark by covering the OJ Simpson murder trial. For years, he contributed notable stories about the US Supreme Court and other legal matters, and numerous profiles of high-profile individuals, such as former Republican operative Roger Stone.

Toobin has written many books, including “The Run of His Life,” which was adapted for television as the FX series “American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson.”

Toobin joined CNN as a legal analyst in 2002.

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