Lin Wood, pro-Trump lawyer, loses lawsuit for mental health evaluation

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The State Bar of Georgia’s investigation into far-right attorney Lin Wood and whether he should lose his attorney license after attempting to overturn the results of the presidential election will move forward, as a federal judge overturned Wood’s lawsuit Wednesday that he was trying to prevent. that the bar requires it. undergo a mental health evaluation as part of your investigation.

Key facts

The state bar association is investigating whether Wood violated multiple rules of professional conduct after the election, as he filed multiple lawsuits against the presidential election results and spread unfounded conspiracy theories online involving figures like former Vice President Mike Pence. and United States Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

The bar asked Wood to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of that investigation, as the organization’s rules state that “mental illness, cognitive impairment, alcohol abuse or substance abuse, to the point of affecting his competence as a lawyer “are grounds for disqualification. .

Wood refused to submit to the evaluation and instead sued members of the state bar’s disciplinary board in federal court, alleging their request violates his First Amendment and due process rights and privacy.

US District Judge Timothy Batten ruled On Wednesday he favored the state bar and denied Wood’s request for a court order blocking the mental health evaluation, saying Wood “does not cite any laws” to support his legal arguments and his claims that the bar filed its charges. against you in “bad faith”. Not resisting because the organization had “‘extensive evidence’ of conduct that justified a procedure.”

The judge also noted that Wood should have filed his claim in state court rather than federal court and noted that there are other ways Wood can raise his concerns about the investigation as part of the bar’s investigative procedures.

Wood has already appealed the ruling against him.

What to watch out for

Wood still refuses to participate in the mental health assessment, and the state bar rules stating that being unwilling to submit to the exam “may be grounds for additional procedures … including emergency suspension procedures.” in a judicial presentationHowever, members of the state bar association noted that refusing to undergo the evaluation would not be an immediate reason for Wood to have to revoke his license as a lawyer. That would only happen after “an initial finding that the attorney’s conduct poses a substantial threat of harm to his client or the public,” followed by a third-party “special teacher” hearing at which Wood could present his case of why shouldn’t he be punished. The special captain would have to formally recommend that the license be suspended, and the Georgia Supreme Court would have to accept that recommendation.

Main critic

Wood responded to the ruling against him on Telegram on Wednesday, claiming that Batten, who also oversaw several of Wood’s failed post-election lawsuits and whom Wood has tried to remove from the case, was biased against him. Wood predicted that his appeal will be successful if it is “heard by honest judges,” and wrote: “I will never stop fighting a corrupt legal system and the corrupt and politically-driven Georgia Bar Association.”

Key Background

The state bar investigation is one of several consequences Wood faces for his post-election actions. The attorney has also been removed from unrelated court cases in Delaware and against the MSNBC host. Joy reid, and the Lawyers Club of Atlanta expelled Wood from its membership in March. Wood is also being investigated separately by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, which is investigating whether he voted illegally in Georgia after residing out of state in South Carolina. The far-right lawyer, who before the election was known for representing clients such as 1996 Olympics bombing suspect Richard Jewell and JonBenet Ramsey’s family, has continued to deny any wrongdoing despite the allegations. against him, and he unsuccessfully ran for president of the South Carolina GOP.

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