Make your voice heard with text marketing from VoxDirect

VoxDirect, a “MailChimp” for text marketing, is a mobile application for the two major operating systems that helps agents schedule and leverage text messaging for lead capture and development.

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VoxDirect is a virtual phone system and text marketing application.

Platforms: iOS, Android, browser
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages

Main selling points:

  • Crisp and intuitive user design
  • Custom responses by number
  • Easily edited voicemail menus
  • Sort contacts by text number and campaign
  • Zapier Links for CRM Integration

Chief concern:

Many of today’s most popular CRM solutions take advantage of text marketing, so a standalone application will have some challenges to adopt.

What you should know

I wrote in my demo notes for VoxDirect: “This is for those agents who want to fully embrace text marketing.”

For the sake of comparison, this is MailChimp for text marketers. Different phone numbers can be created and leveraged in various marketing environments. However, naturally, most users would want to limit their management commitment to a couple at most.

The easy-to-use application makes it easy to organize your voicemail menus by entering text commands next to each number. The virtual receptionist can push callers to different text campaigns based on number, such as “press 2 for new list announcements” and “press 3 to get added to our market update list” and so on. It can also be used for general business purposes such as business hours and location.

What struck me was how easy it is to design and control text campaigns. The functional interface consists of simple icons and a clear outline of each step in the campaign’s progression.

Having been on the receiving end of some bad texting campaigns, I think every agent’s goal should be to ensure that taps happen when they should as it relates to the time of day and the overall cadence of the sales cycle. . VoxDirect gives me a lot of confidence that it can do both.

You can create as many separate text lists as you need, which helps in the most important rule of push marketing: segmentation. Dividing buyers and listing prospects by market segment goes a long way in communicating to them that you understand their needs.

VoxDirect connects with Zapier so users can connect to their larger CRMs. This is critical. You never want valuable marketing data to exist in disconnected software tools.

Another prominent feature of VoxDirect is its keyword analysis. Responses are actively monitored for indicators that can trigger new messages. You have an unlimited number on your account, but at first I advise you not to overuse them.

Create just a few to connect them to your most effective campaigns and better understand how they flow. If not, you will be following hundreds of different threads based on a single keyword when there is most value in seeing multiple keywords combine to provide more data on a prospect’s intent.

Text message marketing is increasingly common and accepted by consumers. Look around you and you will notice that text campaigns are used across all industries and indeed across society.

I signed up to receive notifications on my phone of COVID-19 vaccine updates. I have subscriptions to receive snowstorm alerts, local police announcements, and political campaigns. It will only grow from here.

Text marketing hasn’t caught up yet, but it’s turning the corner with an opportunity to lead. VoxDirect is a good option to get you into the race.

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Craig C. Rowe got his start in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies strengthen their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology and marketing decisions by reviewing software and technology for Inman.

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