Max Keizer does not stop during the Bitcoin Miami 2021 conference

Max keizer made his case in favor of BTC during an interview at Bitcoin Miami. In doing so, the controversial broadcaster displayed a level of enthusiasm that raised an eyebrow or two among attendees and sparked dissenting comments on social media.

Keizer comes off the wall

Talking with CNBC AfricaKeizer, a longtime Bitcoin advocate, explained the fiat versus BTC argument by breaking a $ 10 bill while explaining that all fiat currencies go to zero against Bitcoin.

“Here’s a ten dollar bill, this is gargage. Your people in South Africa, you have your rand, right? That goes to zero. This also goes to zero, the euros to zero, the yen to zero, the Chinese currency to zero. Everything is going to zero against Bitcoin. “

He added that those who do not understand this will face a life of impoverishment when this happens.

When the interviewer said that tampering with the currency is a crime, Keizer launched into a tirade about political corruption. He said that whoever owns the Bitcoin makes the laws and adds that his wealth in BTC will buy any politician.

“Do you know that with the Bitcoin I have I can buy any fucking senator or congressman I want? I make the laws. The one with the Bitcoin makes the laws work. We’re not going to sit around and let the damn government tell us what to do … “

Commenting on the clip, Input Output Global CEO Charles Hoskinson responded with a gif from the 1983 film Scarface that shows the main character, Tony Montana, taking cocaine.

Although Keizer is known for his eccentric demeanor and blunt demeanor, some have questioned whether this interview has done more harm than good to Bitcoin’s image.

Bitcoin Miami 2021

After a year of virtual conferences due to lockdown restrictions, Bitcoin Miami 2021 is the first major blockchain event to allow attendees.

Miami Greater Francis Suarez, who has built a pro-crypto reputation with his plans to make Miami a Bitcoin hub, opened the event by saying, “This is not a time. This is a movement. “

The event was initially scheduled to be organized by The Angels April 30. But the uncertainty of COVID restrictions forced organizers to look elsewhere, and Miami benefited as a result.

Organizers estimate that the three-day event will attract more than 50,000 attendees as they come together to discuss the leading cryptocurrency and where it is headed.

Several prominent crypto figures have attended, including Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor, Ron Paul, and Nick Szabo.

The event has been accused of promoting BTC maximalism, with some commentators even drawing parallels to the infamous Bitconnect event it features. Carlos Matos.

During the Keizer segment on Friday, in front of a roaring crowd, the controversial announcer shouted out, “We’re not done, we’re not done, fuck Elon, fuck Elon,” before hugging Michael Saylor.

Elon Musk has drawn the ire of crypto enthusiasts for his U-turn on Bitcoin.

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