Monsta X claims more than a quarter of the entire world’s song list for themselves

As BTS reign again (with another No. 1) and other South Korean superstars like ATEEZ and Stray Kids land new locations, MONSTA X stands out as the true rulers of BillboardThis week’s global digital song sales chart as they take up more space than anyone else this time … and they’re all brand new songs fans couldn’t get enough of.

MONSTA X claims seven spots on this week’s World Digital Song Sales Chart, with all of their new wins thanks to the success of their latest EP. one of a kind, which arrived on June 1. The entire song list is now full of chart hits, and that’s the kind of feat that only the world’s biggest names can pull off on any given day. Billboard ready.

The band scores a new top 10 from the bench, as leader one of a kind The single “Gambler” is released at # 5. It is the group’s 15th milestone location within the highest tier on the account.

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Just below that lofty area are half a dozen more MONSTA X hits, one after the other. Six tunes in a row from the band’s debut, starting at No. 11 and stopping at no. 16. Including those new tracks, the group has submitted 34 incredible tunes to the worldwide digital song sales chart during their time together.

This mark marks the second week in just one month that MONSTA X has taken at least a quarter of all spots on the worldwide digital song sales chart. In mid-May, the group pulled off a very similar performance, though it was not due to a new release, but rather to incredible support from fans across the US.

Here’s a look at where all of MONSTA X’s new hits rank on this week’s Digital Song Worldwide Sales Chart.

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No. 5 – “Player”

No. 11 – “Addict”

No. 12 – “Secrets”

No. 13 – “Rotate”

No. 14 – “Livin ‘It Up”

No. 15 – “Heaven”

No. 16 – “Bebe”

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