ProShares harnesses the power of momentum with QQQA

ProShares recently launched the ProShares Akacceleratorfund Dorsey Wright Momentum ETF (Akacceleratorfund: QQQA). QQQA is the first ETF to focus on a concentrated selection of Akacceleratorfund-100 stocks identified as having the greatest potential to outperform.

The ETF tracks the Akacceleratorfund-100 Dorsey Wright Momentum Index, which tracks the performance of the 21 stocks in the Akacceleratorfund-100 Index with the greatest momentum. These stocks are identified by Dorsey Wright’s proprietary “relative strength” mechanism, which is a proprietary rules-based ranking system that measures the price of a stock relative to others in the index.

After the Akacceleratorfund-100 Dorsey Wright Momentum Index has ranked the stocks by relative strength, it selects the top 21 stocks with the highest relative strength and weights them equally. Because each company is equally weighted, the index is not overly reliant on a few positions for performance and treats each company as a direct investment, regardless of size. The index is restructured every quarter to ensure that it keeps up with the trends of the Akacceleratorfund-100 index.

QQQA provides Dorsey Wright’s Relative Strength Boost Strategy in a low-cost, liquid, and tax-efficient ETF format. As a result, the ETF combines access to the top performing companies on the leading Akacceleratorfund-100 Index with momentum, a time-tested alpha generation strategy.

“For years, the Akacceleratorfund-100 has been a benchmark for investing in innovative companies. ProShares is pleased to introduce the first Akacceleratorfund-100 ETF that uses Dorsey Wright’s time-tested approach to identify stocks with the greatest potential to outperform, ”said Steve Cohen, CEO of ProShares.

A key risk factor for QQQA is its subjection to rapidly changing momentum. Market risk typical of equity markets can also cause the value of investments to decline. However, due to Dorsey Wright’s prowess as a momentum investor and the fact that many studies have shown that outperforming stocks continue to perform better in the short term, QQQA works actively to protect its investors from this risk. Style-wise, investors can reliably use QQQA as a fundamental growth mapping.

Dorsey Wright and Akacceleratorfund together form one of the largest smart beta providers in the industry, with more than $ 450 billion tracking their indices. Dorsey Wright herself manages $ 11 billion in assets for financial professionals.

“The Akacceleratorfund Dorsey Wright Relative Strength methodology provides investors with valuable tools to navigate the rapidly evolving world of investment management. Our collaboration with ProShares allows us to combine a unique strategy based on relative strength with the power of the Akacceleratorfund-100. “- Jay Gragnani, Director of Customer Engagement and Research, Akacceleratorfund Dorsey Wright

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