‘Quiet Place 2’ tops US box office as ‘Conjuring 3’ surpasses $ 100 million worldwide

In box office news that is not covered In the heights, A quiet place part II in fact, it topped the weekend’s box office in its third painting. It raised $ 11.6 million (-40%) for a solid domestic volume of $ 108.99 million (with $ 6.2 million on IMAX alone). If you keep playing like Aladdin or Men in Black 3 (the first longest Memorial Day “greats” in recent memory), it will end between $ 145 million and $ 165 million domestically, which would be an outright win for the $ 61 million horror sequel. Without arguing yet that correlation = causality, the theatrical exclusivity for this sure as hell doesn’t hurt. Paramount’s release starring Emily Blunt has surpassed $ 185 million worldwide. We’ll see how close the respective totals get to the first film’s $ 188 million domestic / $ 341 million worldwide.

From sony Peter Rabbit: The Fugitive (which my son and I quite enjoyed, by the way), opened with a soft opening weekend (as expected) $ 10.4 million. That’s well short of the $ 25 million national debut of Peter rabbit, which amounted to $ 110 million domestic (and $ 350 million global) at the beginning of 2018. The sequel was always going to plummet, losing both the demographics of “people were just curious” and the “adults who attended a children’s movie “demos that often plummet for the sequel. Yes, this probably would have worked better if it had opened in April 2020 as planned (close to Easter, natch), but it does. The $ 45 million Will Gluck sequel, which just debuted with $ 7.8 million in China, has earned $ 57.9 million overseas for a global amount of $ 68.3 million.

The incantation: the devil made me do it earned $ 10.02 million (-58%) in his second weekend. That’s one more drop away from The spell (-46% off a $ 41 million debut) thatThe spell 2 (-62% off a $ 40 million debut) or The nun (-66% off a first weekend of $ 54 million). Is on par with Annabelle (-57% of a $ 37 million launch) and Creation of Annabelle (-53% of a $ 35 million launch). The domestic peak of $ 43,771 million is close to the peak of $ 49 million in 12 days of Annabelle comes home (which fell 55% on the second weekend despite opening on a Wednesday). The $ 39 million sequel has now made $ 111 million worldwide after dropping just 44% overseas. So far, all decent for a delivery that would probably be closer to Annabelle ($ 256 million) that The nun ($ 366 million).

On F9 foreign news, the Universal movie earned another $ 5.99 million (-57%) for a new global cume of $ 268.9 million. The film is wrapping up in the first batch of territories just as it accelerates for “phase two,” starting with Australia on June 17 and then Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Ireland and North America in the week of June 25. In other Universal News, DreamWorks’ Indomitable spirit earned another $ 2.9 million (-55%) for a total of $ 11.3 million in ten days. It has made $ 14.5 million worldwide and I hope it will find an audience on PVOD in two weeks. In better news, No one it has exceeded $ 50 million worldwide with a budget of $ 15 million. Even without seemingly solid PVOD sales, Bob Odenkirk’s well-reviewed and well-liked action comedy feels like a new franchise being born.

Guy ritchie Wrath of man earned another $ 2.9 million overseas (for Miramax) to raise its overseas cume to $ 65.9 million. Along with the national cume of $ 25.35 million (for MGM), its global cume of $ 92 million now exceeds the total of $ 89 million for Transporter 2. Among Jason Statham’s solo / non-franchise films, he’s only behind Transporter 3 ($ 109 million in 2008) and Mechanic: Resurrection ($ 126 million in 2016). And it still has untapped territories to open in, which means it can actually top $ 100 million worldwide. Meanwhile, Lionsgate slipped away The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife for three nights in a row (June 10, 11 and 12) before its release on June 16. Here’s hoping from critics (for good reason, and I liked it Hitman’s Bodyguard) works better than Spiral: from the book of Saw ($ 22.6 million and essentially done).

From walt disney Cruella it lost 615 theaters on weekend three, but will still make $ 6.7 million (-39%) for a cume of $ 56 million in 17 days. It’s not close to $ 100 million nationally, but $ 75 million is still within reach, reaching $ 123.9 million worldwide. By any non-Covid standard, that would be a disaster for the origin story / reboot / prequel / etc. by Emma Stone, even if it cost just $ 100 million. The Disney + variable makes direct analysis more challenging, but at some point Disney will have to begin to dominate, and not just with the MCU movies, if they want to maintain the notion that they are the kings of Hollywood. In that sense, Jungle cruise is a much more “important” summer release than Black widowEven if both will have to deal with the Disney + variable in the middle of a summer in which more adults than children are vaccinated.

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