RealTrends 1000: 50% increase in transactions in ’20

Not surprisingly, big growth is the theme of 2020, with RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand and America’s Best Real Estate Professionals showing big increases on the transaction and volume sides, however productivity has not increased year on year. year (2019-2020).

Today, RealTrends + Tom Ferry announced the 16th annual America’s Top 1,000 Real Estate Sales Professionals and Sales Teams List. An abbreviated list of appointees is published in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. Once again, Ben Caballero with in Texas, he topped The Thousand individuals on both the transaction and volume side. Ben developed a highly focused, narrow-scope process and service offering to help high-production builders market their properties effectively through MLS and other online resources. They pay him a closing fee and he’s very effective at that.

RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand, is an annual ranking of national awards sponsored by RealTrends, the trusted source, and Tom Ferry International training, announced at The Wall Street Journal. Designates are recognized as the top .07% of more than 1.4 million licensed real estate agents nationwide.

RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals also released today. This list, now in its ninth year, consists of the next level of achievers in the same categories, the top 1.5% of more than 1.4 million licensed real estate agents nationwide. RealTrends America’s top sales professionals grew by nearly 4,000 agents and teams between 2019 and 2020. More than 4,000 additional agents and teams met the benchmarks of 50 closed sides or $ 20 million in volume – interestingly, the average productivity of These main agents and teams have not increased between 2019 and 2020.

With the addition of so many new agents and teams qualifying, we examined the top-ranked agents and teams and saw how they performed in 2020, perhaps the strangest real estate year ever.

Top 1000 teams crushed him

The top 1000 teams ranked by transaction sides saw their average (average) transactions increase by 49.7% in 2020 compared to 2019. Even on average, teams increased their transaction productivity by 31.3%. The average team made 252.9 closed sides in 2020 versus 106.9 in 2019. Incredible results.

“Calculating the same data for sales volume, we find that the most productive teams by sales volume increased their results from an average of $ 118,039,226 in 2019 to $ 173,144,415 in 2020, or an average increase of 46.7%. In a year, ”said Steve Murray, RealTrends Senior Advisor.

The best people had a phenomenal year too

On the same basis, The thousand Top performing individual agents increased their closed transactions by an average of 18.2% from 2019 to 2020. In closed sales, The Thousand top individuals saw their closed volume increase by 44.9%. Even the middle figures increased, with the middle sides up 9.3% and the middle volume up 30.5%.

Consolidation is happening

We inform that the RealTrends 500 brokerage firms saw its market share grow by 10% in 2020, from 35% to 38.5%. This 10% jump was nearly 10 times the best year the leading brokerage firms had year-over-year. When we aggregate data from the top agents and teams, it seems clear that the top-producing companies and agents are growing much faster than the market as a whole.

Another interesting point

Of the more than 8,000 individual agents who qualified, just over 97% were associated with a recognized national or regional brand. For the teams in our study, out of more than 8,200 teams, 96% of them were associated with a recognized national or regional brand brokerage firm. At least at this time, there doesn’t seem to be any major change from top agents and teams to owning a brokerage firm, instead they tend to stay affiliated with a regional or national brand.

Here are the top of the list on RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand:


Individual by volume

  1. Ben knight,, Texas
  2. Christian angle, Christian Angle Real Estate, Florida
  3. Ralph Harvey,, Florida

Individual by sides of the transaction

  1. Ben Caballero,, Texas
  2. Ralph harvey,, Florida
  3. George Kypreos, GK Properties, Nevada

Small equipment by volume

  1. Branden and Rayni Williams, The Beverly Hills Estates, California
  2. Riskin Partners Estate Group, Village Properties, California
  3. Jim McCann Group, Premier Estate Properties, Florida

Small team by transaction sides

  1. Amanda and Kyla’s Team, ERA All In One Realty, Georgia
  2. Robert Sifrit Team, RE / MAX Anchor Realty, Florida
  3. Team Elite, Coldwell Banker Advantage, North Carolina

Average equipment by volume

  1. Fridman Group, Compass, California
  2. The Canning Team, Sotheby’s International Realty, California
  3. Chin MacQuiod Fleming Harris, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties, Utah

Medium team by transaction sides

  1. The Boehmer Team, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Selected Properties, Missouri
  2. The Yeatman Group, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., Virginia
  3. Pam & Berry Team, RE / MAX Professionals, Oklahoma

Large equipment by volume

  1. The Jills Zeder Group, Coldwell Banker Realty, Florida
  2. K2 Team, K2 Realty, Florida
  3. Chris cortazzo, Compass, California

Large team by transaction sides

  1. The Matthews Team, RE / MAX Legends, Texas
  2. Chad Schwendeman Real Estate Group, EXIT Lakes Realty Premier, Minnesota
  3. The Rider Elite Team, Keller Williams Realty, Arizona

Mega team by volume

  1. Place Inc., Keller Williams Realty, Washington
  2. Robert Slack’s team, Robert Slack LLC, Florida
  3. Northrop Realty, Nortrhop Realty, Maryland

Mega team by transaction sides

  1. Mark Spain Real Estate, Mark Spain Real Estate, Georgia
  2. Place Inc., Keller Williams Realty, Washington
  3. The Robert Slack Team, Robert Slack LLC, Florida

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