Spin-off of ‘Quiet Place’ from Paramount Dates for March 2023

A quiet place part II he made another $ 3.9 million yesterday, bringing his one-week total to $ 69 million. That’s the biggest Thursday no opening (sorry Godzilla vs. Kong) from single day earnings on January 2, 2020 to The rise of Skywalker ($ 9.2 million on the 14th) and Jumanji: the next level ($ 6.7 million on the 21st). At this point, the weekday numbers are so strong that we may see a big drop on weekend two just because so many people satiated their desire to see the movie before the second frame from Friday to Sunday. But that’s a conversation for tomorrow.

Today’s news is that Paramount has officially dated the development Peaceful place spin-off for March 31, 2023. No, it is not a third part, but the film directed by Jeff Nichols will take place in the same universe. Without going into spoilers, certain elements of John Krasinski A quiet place, part II Felt absolutely like tailgate-derived / pilot setup material for the next chapter mentioned above. We’ll see how that happens, but with around $ 100 million worldwide as of tonight, Paramount and Platinum Dunes are either very happy with the performance or expressing approval in a performative way.

Cynicism aside, there is little reason not to presume a good faith commitment, since A) it appears that the $ 61 million A quiet place part II you should have no problem tripling your budget at the end of your global run and B) I guess the spin-off will be a lot cheaper to produce. Plus, with solid reviews and solid rumors heading into the second weekend, there’s little reason not to boast a decent general audience interest in A peaceful place movie that is not A quiet place part III. This has a clue with what was supposed to be a two-year gap between the first two movies starring Emily Blunt.

I guess a real trio can be written by early 2025. If “He Who Must Not Be Named” pulls out a Grover Cleveland and wins re-election in 2024, maybe Quiet place 3 it will be a documentary. Regardless, Nichols is a great choice for a minimalist, naturalistic, and (in terms of costumes and sets) horror movie. Hell so few people saw his dynamite Midnight special that Paramount could snatch the rights to that Michael Shannon / Kirsten Dunst / Adam Driver sci-fi movie, re-release it as A Quiet Place Presents: Midnight Special and save a fortune.

Whether or not Paramount succeeds in converting A peaceful place in a cinematic universe, one should keep in mind that they learned the right lessons from The Conjuring Universe, waiting until the first movie turned out to be unexpectedly good and an unexpected success before saying “Hey, do you want more of this?” Heck if this works maybe A peaceful place can adopt the sad, lonely and exiled Curse of Llorona and make it part of their world. Anyway, the Jeff Nichols spinoff movie sits alongside Paul King’s. Wonka prequel as the first two greats of March 2023.

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