The 25 most popular Netflix movies of 2021 (update: June 5)

Lately, many new movies have made their mark on Netflix. The woman in the window it’s been a fixture on the Top 10 charts for the past 20 days; Army of the dead it has been the most popular film in several countries during its two weeks of release; both Home Y Gone Trouble Dog They have shown how dominant animated movies can be on the streaming service; and of course, The Mitchells against the machines It has become Netflix’s most promising new release in quite some time.


But how dominant have those movies been, exactly? Is there a way to calculate which movies have been the most popular on the Netflix platform this year?

In fact, there is. I know this because every day I keep track of where movies rank on Netflix’s Top 10 list. Then, using a formula that assigns points based on each movie’s daily ranking, I update a tabulated list that tracks each movie’s score over the course of 2021.

So where is the list this week? We have two newcomers to show, as well as an interesting move to highlight. Here’s the updated Top 25:

  1. We can be heroes – 355 points
  2. The Mitchells vs. The Machines – 298 points
  3. The Secret Life of Pets 2 – 262 points
  4. Thunder Force – 187 points
  5. Yes Day – 176 points
  6. Bigfoot Family – 171 points
  7. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – 169 points
  8. I care a lot – 169 points
  9. The Little Rascals – 167 points
  10. The Woman in the Window – 142 points
  11. Dogs of War – 139 points
  12. Finding ‘Ohana – 138 points
  13. Army of the Dead – 127 points
  14. The Vanished – 124 points
  15. To All Boys: Always and Forever – 118 points
  16. Homefront – 115 points
  17. Synchronous – 113 points
  18. 17 again – 109 points
  19. Off the wire – 109 points
  20. The Dark Knight – 102 points
  21. Home – 101 points
  22. Deadly Illusions – 97 points
  23. Stowaway – 94 points
  24. Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal – 93 points
  25. Good Burger – 91 points

The two new movies featured on this list are in bold: Army of the dead Y Home. The latest movie didn’t hit Netflix until four days later. Army of the dead. However, Home has averaged 9.18 points per day, while Army of the dead he has averaged only 8.47 points per day. This speaks to the power of animated movies on Netflix, as the genre tends to have much more consistent and long-lasting runs in the Top 10.

Still, it’s hard to deny the power of Zack Snyder’s latest project, Army of the dead, which rose to 13th in just 15 days. The only other movies that have risen to the Top 25 rapidly in 2021 include The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Thunder Force, Yes Days Y Bigfoot family—All the movies that are in the top ten slot machines. And it doesn’t seem like Army of the dead it’s failing anytime soon, so hopefully that movie makes the Top 10 as well.

Other notable jumps on this week’s list include The woman in the window (which went from 13th on last week’s list to 10th this week) and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (which maneuvered from ninth to seventh place).

Surprisingly, The Mitchells against the machines He continued his incredible performance on Netflix and added an additional 44 points to his score over the past week. And while that performance wasn’t enough to knock the animated film out of second-place position, it did. The Mitchells against the machines a little closer to We can be heroes for the # 1 spot in 2021.

Today marks the thirty-sixth consecutive day for the animated film in the Top 10 of the charts (which is now the seventh longest streak in history). On the charts of all time The Mitchells against the machines now ranks sixth (up from eighth last week).


This week there were two victims to report: A stranger Y Parker, They are currently tied for 26th with 90 points.

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