The best reopening operation you ever thought to do

As the global economy continues to reopen, it’s not that hard to imagine some of the top candidates for the breakout: stocks like last week’s real estate pick, Iron mountain, or our game at the famous Brewmeister Molson coors early last month.

But some other great opportunities coming to my radar now are not the more easily recognizable “post-COVID-19” plays.

Today, I am concentrating on a shipping stock in the early stages of a medium to long-term run-up. Analysts may not be impressed by its modest 4% increase so far this year, but with a share of all consumer markets on multiple continents and a host of technical indicators adding some punch to the rally, I expect great things from this action. over the next few months.

This action won’t fly under the radar for long

Shipping is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a piece of the reopening excitement …

Frankly, it’s not sexy. It doesn’t yell “summer fun” or “pandemic is over.”

But it is a vital piece of the ongoing economic recovery, and it is a plea felt by the huge cross-sections of the market.

Demand for everything from groceries to pharmaceuticals to retail products is rapidly outstripping supply. And as companies around the world ramp up production to meet a backlog of orders, the only thing they will need more than anything else is shipping containers.

Enter Amcor Plc. (NYSE: AMCR).

This shipping specialist makes packaging for just about anything you can think of. And as world economies continue to reopen, actions like this will soon become essential to restoring “business as usual.”

Last month, Amcor announced earnings, narrowly missing EPS expectations by about 5% and welcoming a horde of critics and short sellers. But with a promising forward position and stocks trending up after finding some support at their 50-day moving average, I expect a long-term bull run for AMCR stocks, not to mention a possible short contraction to supercharge the impending one. escape.

This is exactly how you should play it now:

Action to take no 1: Buys shares of Amcor Plc. (NYSE: AMCR) using a $ 15 limit order.

Action to take No. 2: Buy to open AMCR on Jan 21, 2022 $ 12 calls (AMCR220121C00012000) using a limit order of $ 0.90.

One more thing…

The big takeaway from today’s issue of Fast Profits: Sometimes the biggest winners aren’t the most obvious. And they don’t always have to be.

Today’s market is invaded by new entrants acting solely on a hunch. But sometimes, the biggest paydays are brewing in corners of the market where you would never think to look.

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And not dealing with Finance Media sentiment or energetic headlines….

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