This Auto “E-Tailer” stock is ripe for a breakout

Markets are looking a bit “shaky” this week as the gap widens between overblown blue chips and lagging small caps.

But this week, we are not going to “play it safe” with a hedge … Today I bring you a great breakout opportunity in the car buying group.

Online car buying has stolen the spotlight after a series of ads on television and social media ushered in a new era of hassle-free, pressure-free car buying.

That being said, some of the stocks behind the more recognizable announcements that have already peaked are trading in overbought territory … but not the current car e-tailer.

Today’s stocks to trade are still poised for a windfall, and they’re picking up speed thanks to a tank full of money-making catalysts: solid fundamentals and technical indicators, a profit announcement on the books next month, Y a little squeeze in the making.

In a matter of weeks, this could be one of our biggest triumphs yet; just watch the video below for more details …

Business details …

Action to take no 1: Buy CarGurus Inc. (Nasdaq: LOAD) using a limit order of $ 27.00.

Action to take No. 2: Purchase to Open CARG Nov 19, 2021 $ 25 Calls (CARG211119C00025000) using a limit order of $ 4.20.

All electric vehicles could soon depend on this $ 2 stock

Electric vehicles require a special type of battery, inside which is a very special American-made component …

And that’s a big enough obligation to send a $ 2 share soaring.

Seriously last time this pioneering company traded on a public stock exchange, it was up 1,147% in one year. So if you expect stocks to stay this cheap once this company hits the Nasdaq, you’re on the wrong line.

Check this out now.

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Today, Chris is the editor of Night trader Y Direct benefits. It also contributes to Money morning as a specialist in quantitative analysis.

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