Tribus partners with marketing technology company Evocalize

The partnership will give Tribus clients access to collaborative marketing technology, among other things, all within the Tribus platform.

Real estate software provider Tribes announced Monday that it has partnered with Evocalize, a marketing technology firm, to offer personalized advertising programs for real estate professionals.

The association, which is called “Tribus Engage,” will specifically give Tribus users access to what Evocalize describes as its “collaborative marketing platform.” According to a company statement, that means users “will now be able to run custom adware directly within the Tribus platform, as well as automate programs to drive traffic and generate more leads for agents and brokers.”

Matthew marx

Evocalize CEO Matthew Marx added in the statement that “our integrated platform was a perfect solution to fulfill Tribus’ vision of empowering thousands of agents and brokers with simple yet powerful digital marketing tools.”

“Our partnership will give Tribus users the ability to launch sophisticated digital marketing programs on Google, Facebook and Instagram with the click of a button and produce 400 percent higher results than programs they previously ran alone,” he added. Marx.

The new Tribus Engage offering will also allow users to do things like organize contacts, manage listings, and create marketing assets within the Tribus software environment.

Marx co-founded Evocalize more than seven years ago. The company, which has offices in Seattle and Austin, partners with other brands and customer relationship management companies to provide integrable and collaborative marketing technology.

Tribus was founded more than a decade ago and, among other things, offers websites and other technology to medium and large real estate brokers. In recent months, the company has moved to bolster your mobile offerings Y add more collaboration tools.

In the case of Tribus Engage, the product has already been tested in Colorado, where Tribus is based, and will be available to all of the company’s customers on July 1.

Eric Stegemann

In a statement, Tribus CEO Eric Stegemann said his company first approached Evocalize about a partnership, at which point “we already had an idea about the value and power of digital marketing in the hands of agents.

“But when we started building an integration with the Tribus platform,” added Stegemann, “we were surprised by the possibilities that are currently not available on other real estate listing platforms.”

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