Update n. # 15 for Crypto.org Chain Developers

We have made great progress since the launch of Crypto.org Chain Mainnet on March 25, 2021. In just over two months, the height of the block has surpassed 1 millionand there have been more than 3.5 billion delegated CROs, as well as 1.62 million transactions transmitted to the network. Shout out to our amazing community and long-time fans!

In this development update, we would like to share several important and exciting updates about the Chain. Without further delay, let’s dive into the details!

Phase I Canis Major Upgrade on Crypto.org Chain

To align with our announced schedule on the Crypto.org Chain Intergalactic Roadmap, we have launched Phase I Canis Major and conducted our first major mainnet update on June 1!

This is a milestone for the Crypto.org chain: this update allows the chain to be equipped with the NFT module. NFT represents uniquely identifiable tokens with common use cases such as art, games, and asset ownership. Along with the implementation of this update, the minting, trading and transfer of NFT (non-fungible) tokens are now available on the native Crypto.org chain. Take a look at our first ever NFT coined here.

Other notable changes in the update include support for the Arm64 architecture (Linux and macOS) and the adjusted default timeout_commit used in the consensus process. The new binary and complete changelog can be found here.

IBC enabled on the Crypto.org chain

The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) governance proposal for cross-chain deployments was approved in early May 2021, and the IBC protocol was enabled on the main chain! With IBC, we hope to unlock more potentials through cross-chain activities, linking our chain with Ethereum protocols, as well as bringing more promising projects to the Crypto.org chain ecosystem.

Crypto.org Chain Desktop Wallet v0.2.2 released

In correspondence with the update changes, we have recently released the newest version of Crypto.org Chain Desktop Wallet v0.2.2. Since the launch of the mainnet, the desktop wallet has supported participation operations, validator selections, government voting, and other key functions to interact with the mainnet. In this new version, we have made more complementary functions, and the following are the main changes:

  • Added data analysis function
  • Added validator list view on redelegation flow
  • Updated secure version dependencies

Keplr Wallet integration

Crypto.org Chain is natively integrated into Keplr wallet with IBC support for cross-chain transfers now! With the easy-to-use interface of the Keplr wallet, you can easily bet, deposit, withdraw, and transfer CROs to other IBC-enabled chains with just a few clicks. For the convenience of our users, we have published tutorials on how to stake your CRO on the chain and transact between IBC chains via the Keplr wallet. here.

After this, as the mainnet has been updated with native NFT support, the next plan is to integrate CRO NFT into Keplr.

Updates on Croeseid Testnet

Latest testnet “testnet-croeseid-3” has been launched with NFT for testing purposes (published binary is available here). This release version is updated to the latest version of Tendermint v0.34.10. Covers the issues addressed in the scope of ADR-003 for the Croeseid testnet, it contains old data from our previous “testnet-croeseid-2” and fixes an update bug.

Similar to chain throwTo support the Canis Major update, these changes are added to this new version:

  • Native NFT support;
  • Arm64 architecture support (Linux and macOS);
  • Default timeout_commit used in consensus process tuning;
  • Swagger UI contains a main chain API

Crypto.org Croeseid3 Testnet Explorer is available here for users to track the activities of the testnet chain.

The old testnet-croeseid-2 will be gone in the next 1-2 weeks and we recommend users to back up their data as soon as possible.

Ecosystem Grant Program

To drive community engagement and accelerate ecosystem expansion through more flexible methods, we have opened several initiatives funded by the Crypto.org On-Chain Ecosystem Grant Program.

In this new program, the foundation will provide additional support to applications in our ecosystem to stimulate community participation and put more resources into the prosperity of the ecosystem.

The Ecosystem Grant Program is divided into four categories: Simple Code Rewards Program; Bug bounty program; Awesome Project Rewards Program; Ecosystem Grant Program. Interested parties can apply for the type of grant program that best suits their plans.

For more information, such as the application process and evaluation criteria, visit the Ecosystem Grant Program page and Proposal submission instruction.

Sustainable commitment

In response to growing environmental concerns, Crypto.com has gone carbon negative in 18 months and has committed to offsetting more carbon than all of the organization’s activities generate through a three-phase approach. Depending on the nature of the chain, Crypto.org Chain is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) model, which is much more energy efficient than Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. The next plan includes emission-free NFT Minting and support for the migration of Ethereum-based (PoW) protocols through the Crypto.org Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain.

As part of our community, our users can rest assured that together we are building a more sustainable future. More details are available here if you want to read more.

Subscription newsletter

We send out the newsletter on the latest updates from the chain regularly, if you are interested, click the following link to subscribe:

Please note: We strongly encourage our validators to subscribe to the newsletters as this is one of the main ways to keep up with important updates and the latest changes to the chain.

  1. General newsletter: This covers the highlights and updates from the Crypto.org chain.
  2. Mainnet Security Bulletin: This is primarily for our Mainnet validators and is used to deliver important Mainnet updates.
  3. Croeseid Testnet Security Bulletin: Similar to the Mainnet newsletter, this covers regular updates and important findings on Croeseid Testnet

What comes next?

We anticipate that the updated mainnet will better serve our users and serve more diverse purposes. Subsequently, the focus will be on the launch of our next plan for the DRACO II Phase 2 Coin Issuance and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The recent IBC enablement has offered a way to issue new coins using Solo Machine. Our next focus will be to connect ETH-based applications as well as smart contracts to Crypto.org’s EVM Chain and provide an alternative way for native coin issuance. Additionally, to further support the Crypto.org EVM Chain, Particle B will award up to $ 100 million to support projects creating applications on the Crypto.org EVM Chain as previously announced. The application is available here And we encourage the founders of the Crypto startup to apply! More details on Phase 2 will be released soon, stay tuned for the update!

If you want to get online and be part of the journey, keep an eye on our mainnet blog and Discord, So you don’t miss any ads!

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