Use FaceForward technology to build sales relationships

As we emerge from the pandemic and move toward the digital economy that has exploded over the past year, technology has become an integral part of everyday life. If your business doesn’t have a digital presence, it doesn’t exist, and this is equally important for each individual realtor. Referrals continue to drive most of your agents’ business, making brand reputation and relationship building more important than ever. But with today’s unique social circumstances, agents don’t shake hands or kiss babies like they did in 2019. Fortunately, you can take advantage of technology to help your agents establish their local brand and maintain smooth contact with all of which are important to your business.

Help your agents build trust

Inventory is tight in this competitive market as we face record lows, so your agents must fight for every listing they are trying to win. Your business name can give you credibility, but people work with people, not entities. So agents must establish trust.

According to GRENADE, “When choosing an agent to work with, working with an honest and trustworthy agent was the most important factor.” This is especially true in today’s hyper-aggressive market, when buyers and sellers need to trust that their agent can help them get a new home or secure the best deal. Advertising your agents as the faces of your company builds recognition for your personal brand and helps establish trust with the people they will work with in your area. This is the foundation on which they will continue to grow their business.

Introducing FaceForward Advertising

At Adwerx, we call it FaceForwardTM advertising, and is embedded in the whole spirit of the company. This is an approach to advertising that puts a face on every ad and is rooted in the science of human and consumer behavior. The desire for community makes our brain recognize images with faces 11 times more often than images without them, and seeing a face helps establish a feeling of personal connection. In a congested digital landscape, understanding how to unconsciously motivate someone to notice your advertising is shocking, especially in the a third of a second who will dedicate themselves to it.

We tested it. The results speak for themselves.

Adwerx recently conducted an experiment with REVGEN, a Raleigh, NC-based sales support company for the technology industry. They ran FaceForward custom audience ads half of the nearly 86,000 prospects REVGEN sales reps would call, and the other half received no advertising. The ads ran for a month before contact and the results were convincing. Reps saw a significant increase in all metrics that were tracked, increasing their booking rate by 29% and presentation rate by 20% with those who received the ad with their name and face. Full details of the experiment will be released soon, but this confirmed the power of personal branding through digital advertising as the cornerstone of successful sales relationships.

But creating a custom ad for each of your producers is cumbersome and probably not something you have time for. By using automation, this can be done easily and efficiently.

Powerful automated and simplified technology

You can leverage technology like Adwerx FaceForward Ads to drive your agents’ success now and stay in business when the market cools. Run fully automated digital brand ads for each of your agents and their listings, using pre-approved brand compliant templates. Ads will show on premium websites, Facebook, Instagram, and mobile apps, where everyone spends their time.

Through a combined combination of targeted audience and geographic ads, you can help your agents capture new leads, stay on top of referrals, and introduce yourself to the markets that matter most to them. The world may have gone digital, but building human relationships is still the way of doing business.

Learn how to automate FaceForward advertising for all your agents with Adwerx.

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