Wilson Chandler on the NFTs and the NBA

As Wilson Chandler puts it, despite being an NBA star with a professional career spanning over a decade and nearly $ 80 million in professional earnings, the 6’8 combined forward still started out on blockchain in much the same way that he did. many enthusiasts do: exchanging shitcoins.

Chandler told Cointelegraph that he first heard about crypto from some “kids” he played Fortnite with in 2017. After being fascinated by their stories of turning paltry sums into legitimate property, he finally invited one to his Chicago home to visit. a crash course on setting up wallets and using exchanges.

From there, the entire record is on chain – from a glance at his Etherscan address, his initial investment strategy was little more than sprinkling and praying.

“From there I bought coins – Bitcoin, ETH, Stellar – a lot of shit just playing, learning. I wasted a ton of coins doing silly things like pump and dump companies, not knowing any better. “

Like many degens in development, he relied on a network of friends for information. As he recounted on a recent episode of the NFT Club Top Shot collector podcast, an enthusiastic friend convinced him of an Amsterdam-based pump-and-dump scheme, a scam that cost him a significant position in Bitcoin. Friend? The late, legendary rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle.

“I think about that shit all the time,” he said, laughing.

However, he told Cointelegraph that those early setbacks have now paved the way for what could well end up being a second act for the former star.

“Experience is the best teacher they say.”