Winners, news and notes on June 30, 2021

AEW Dynamite announced Chris Jericho in the comments, The Young Bucks vs. Penta El Zero M and Eddie Kingston in an AEW Tag Team Championship Eliminator, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker and Rebel, Jungle Boy looking for their number one victory 50 against Jack Evans and Sammy Guevara against MJF.

Last week’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, featuring a main event between Kenny Omega and Jungle Boy for the AEW World Championship, garnered 649,000 viewers.

  • June 26, 2021: 649,000
  • June 18, 2021 – 552,000
  • June 11, 2021: 487,000
  • June 4, 2021-462,000
  • May 26, 2021: 526,000

AEW Dynamite: Key Competency

AEW Dynamite YouTube Audience Last Saturday: 1,711,445 (compared to 2,639,345)

  • Most viewed: Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy (318,284 views)
  • Least Seen: Miro is God’s Favorite Champion (54,520 views)
  • Average Audience: 140,774 views

AEW Dynamite Results: Wednesday June 30, 2021

Penta El Zero M and Eddie Kingston def. The Young Bucks – Tag Team Eliminator

Chris Jericho was in the comments, so at some point there is likely to be a fight with The Pinnacle at the announce table, which is likely to break up.

The Young Bucks left, and the only way to describe their appearance tonight was Tony Schiavone commenting “they look like a couple of porn stars!”

I will never stop talking about how much I love Heel Young Bucks. Every week since they started this hack, they added a little wrinkle or accessory. Weekly. And they do it in a way where these little wrinkles make them 10 times more unsightly.

AEW is back on the road next week, but judging by the crowd tonight and Saturday, it looks like they started early.

Please tell me Nick Jackson is slowly preparing to take on Lanny Poffo with all these Macho Man impressions.

Matt Jackson kicked after a count of three, and the somewhat happy accident led to an outburst of “that was 3!” chants from the crowd. Plus, the Young Bucks were great at showing how much they got away with one.

All Ego Ethan Page Calls Darby Allin

The fans seemed to be yelling “we can’t hear you!” as there may be audio issues in the building, and Ethan Page continued to shout the rest of his promo.

Sting pulling out the coffin was a great visual.

It seems the Coffin Match has been carried over to Fyter Fest as AEW books on the go, which is what they are proud not to do.

Jungle Boy def. Jack evans

AEW almost telegraphed that Jungle Boy was going to win this match because a) it is within a 50 win win and b) it is a one-on-one match against Jack Evans.

Chris Jericho spilled it a bit when he said that Jungle Boy is AEW’s Floyd Mayweather.

MJF brilliantly coined the term “Sammy Simps” in another big promotion.

The Dark Order faces Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega’s promo on cleaning up the division was eerily similar to Paul Heyman’s promo last Friday on Roman Reigns doing the same. As a fellow OP world champion, that’s to be expected.

The countdown has officially started for Kenny Omega against Hangman Adam Page, and for once, it will be a match that Kenny Omega doesn’t seem to guarantee that he will win.

I look def. Brian Pillman Jr.

Miro’s new theme is a huge improvement over his last theme. This whole act is coming together fantastically.

After Brian Pillman Jr. hit a springboard dropkick, Chris Jericho chimed in with “I know that move!”

At what point do the Varsity Blondes cut through a handmade paper banner like a high school football team does? Isn’t that what you want?

Britt Baker and Rebel defeat. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero

Britt Baker’s days as a heel are numbered. These fans are treating her like every part of the golden girl that AEW tried (and failed) to make at first.

Britt Baker immediately went after Vickie Guerrero, who is clearly the weak link in this match. At least she’s still trying to act like a heel.

There was considerable pop for Vickie to come in, and she smartly catered to the crowd by doing an Eddie Guerrero shimmy.

Britt Baker flew off the rope after Nyla hit her with a stiff knee.

MJF defe. Sammy guevara

There was a great build-up / near-fall sequence designed to get fans to cheer on this match and that’s exactly what happened. From there, this had no choice but to be a great match, which is exactly what it was.

This fight reminded me of a fight I saw between a young Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, knowing that this was hardly going to be the biggest fight these two would ever have with each other.

Despite all this talk that everyone has to work with a high-speed “AEW style”, MJF works like a heel to the WWE of the 80s and is in the main event as the most hyped villain they have.

MJF hit a second string Tombstone piledriver (and then sold his knee excellently), which seemed insane, but Sammy Guevara kicked out of it was a bit of a stretch.

The fans were on their feet at the end of this match.

Man, these fans were after Sammy Guevara throughout this match.

Although the ending may leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, this was a candidate for Party of the Year in AEW.

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